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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Using the DocBook XSLT 2.0 stylesheets with Gradle

On 3/5/18 10:14 AM, Dave Pawson wrote:
I got as far as ant for builds. I can understand most of that.

Bash script... similar? Maybe

gradle? Wozzat.

Why make it deeper than needs be?


The idea is to make it super easy for someone (e.g. an author) who just wants to build the doc. They don't want to install a ton of stuff _at the right version_ and keep track of it.

From an end-user's perspective, setting up the whole tool chain and building the doc at most three steps:

# You only have to do this once (or use apt-get/yum or whatever windows
# users do to install software):
brew install gradle

# Get DocBook xml source from whatever source control system
# it lives in...
git clone <url-to-repo-for-somedoc> && cd somedoc

# This installs the DocBook toolchain and builds the doc:
gradle somedoc

Even as new versions of the underlying tools come out, "somedoc" continues to build because your gradle file indicates what versions it depends on. However, you easily can switch to newer versions if you need to.


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