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Subject: Re: Capital latin "Q" with dot above


short update:
I've solved the missing Q-dot issue with an svg image, used with an
entity &Qdot;.

<!ENTITY Qdot "<inlinemediaobject><imageobject role='fo'><imagedata
contentdepth='11pt' fileref='./images/Qdot.svg'
/></imageobject></inlinemediaobject>" >


My body.font.size is 10pt. Using fixed 11pt for imagedata's contentdepth
fits the Qdot into the body text ("Q" approximately the height of body
font capital letters).

Tip: Write <para>Q&Qdot;</para> and adapt contentdepth correspondingly.

This works only when using &Qdot; inside <para> tags (or tags with
respective font size). And it creates an additional 1pt margin to the
upper text line.

Using relative contentwidth "1em" doesn't work as expected. The inline
image is way too big. But because the fixed contentdepth value worked, I
stopped testing with other options.

Juggling with alternative fonts would be more elegant, but because I
only need it inside a single <para> one-liner this "quick hack" fits my


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