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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] docbook-xsl-nons-snapshot.zip

That is a temporary name to designate the no-namespace (nons) version for DocBook 4. The docbook-xsl-snapshot.zip file in that group is namespaced for Docbook 5.Â

The next actual release will be using filenames that are more clear:

docbook-xslt1-db5-1.80.1 - namespace version for DocBook 5 (db5).
docbook-xslt1-db4-1.80.1 - no namespace version for DocBook 4 (db4).

The xslt1 part distinguishes them from the stylesheets written in xslt 2.
Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises
On 3/11/2019 7:51 PM, Robert Nagle wrote:
Hi, there, I'm going to try a new project using Docbook Publishers (my first). I looked at the snapshot page and wasn't sure whatÂ"docbook-xsl-nons-snapshot.zip" referred to? Does nons refer to namespaced docbook xsl? Thanks.

Robert Nagle
22118 FINCASTLE DR KATY TX 77450-1727
(Cell) 832-251-7522; (Skype) idiotprogrammer; ÂCarbon Neutral Since Jan 2010

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