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Subject: proposed additions to DocBook for programming languages

The DocBook Technical Committee has received a detailed proposal to enhance the DocBook schema to better document the details of programming languages. The Committee would like to request that those in the DocBook community who use DocBook to document programming syntax to look over the proposal and provide us with feedback. I'm sending this to both the 'docbook' and 'docbook-apps' mailing lists to ensure coverage, so my apologies for duplicate messages.

They are proposing a number of new elements. Since DocBook already has a large number of elements and since this markup is somewhat specialized, we are considering making it an optional extension to the schema, similar to the Publisher's extension.

You will note in the comment that the proposal will likely be modified to use a generic synopsisinfo element instead of individually named synopsis info elements as originally proposed.

Here is a link to the proposal:


Your review and comments will help the DocBook TC in their deliberations about this proposal. Thank you for your time.

Bob Stayton
Sagehill Enterprises

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