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Subject: RE: [docbook-apps] Relative paths when processing DocBook 5 with DocBook 4 stylesheets

On 2019-06-14 Jirka Kosek wrote:
> On 11.6.2019 23:19, Jan Tosovsky wrote:
> > In my case all relative images has become absolute.
> > Or are there better/built-in ways?
> Well this is tricky area. I would suggest switching to "ns" flavour of
> stylesheets where there is no such problem.

I apply same heavily customized stylesheets to both DB4/DB5 documents. I am afraid there is no ROI for rewriting styles to NS variant and then to maintain both versions.

> Alternatively you can see whether the following parameter would work in
> your case:
> http://docbook.sourceforge.net/release/xsl/current/doc/html/keep.relativ
> e.image.uris.html

This could work in some environments, but not applicable in documents composed from XIncludes located in nested subfolders. 

In my new customization I am tweaking <xsl:template name="process.image">. Once the image file path is determined, it is then truncated using $base.dir parameter (with some additional processing specific to my environment).


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