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Subject: saxon6:output for running DocBook 1.0 xslts using Saxon 9.9

I just stumbled on this (haven't tried it out yet though). It could be
I'm the last to hear about it, but I thought I'd post it just in case.
If you wanted to use your existing customization layer with Calabash,
for example, now you can :-)


"The instruction is a synonym for xsl:result-document. Historically,
support for multiple output documents was first introduced as a Saxon
extension to XSLT 1.0 in the form of the saxon:output instruction. Other
vendors followed suit, and the idea was eventually standardized in XSLT
2.0 under the name xsl:result-document. The DocBook 1.0 stylesheets,
however, remain in widespread use, and include calls on saxon:output. It
is often difficult for users to move forwards because they have written
their own DocBook customization layers; as a result, many users have
been locked into Saxon 6.5.5 which is now obsolete and no longer maintained.

Saxon 9.9 reintroduces saxon6:output (in the original Saxon 6.5.5
namespace, which differs from the usual Saxon namespace, so here we use
a different prefix) so that the DocBook 1.0 stylesheets can now be
executed with a modern Saxon release. Note that the specification is not
identical with the Saxon 6.5.5 original, but it serves the purpose in
supporting DocBook. The main difference is that in Saxon 6.5.5, the
attribute saxon:output/@href was interpreted as a filename (not a URI)
relative to the current working directory."


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