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Subject: [Ann] Oxygen XML Suite version 22.0 Release

Hi everyone,

We are proud to announce we released version 22 of Oxygen XML Editor/Author.
A complete list of improvements can be found here:


I'm listing below some of the changes which may be interesting for our DocBook users:

* Choose Various Settings to Save at Project Level
A new Project Level Settings preferences page was added where you can choose whether certain settings are saved in the project configuration file or globally.

* Hide all Toolbars
A new Hide all toolbars toggle action was added in the Window menu. If toggled on, all toolbar buttons are hidden to give you more vertical room in the interface. You can use this action along with the Maximize Editing Area action to create a full-screen editing environment.

* Improvements to the Git Add-on.
The Oxygen Git Support add-on has a new History side-view, a Show Blame action was added for presenting more details about a revision, and a Pull (rebase) action was added to the toolbar.

* Oxygen Emmet Add-on
The Oxygen Emmet add-on provides the means for high-speed coding and editing in Text mode or Author mode via a content assistance mechanism.


* More Types of Conversions Added to the Batch Converter Add-on
The Oxygen Batch Converter add-on now supports additional conversions from Microsoft Word to DocBook 4 and 5 documents.


* Create Custom XML Markup Correction Rules for the AutoCorrect Feature
There is now an option in the AutoCorrect preferences page that will include XML markup correction rules specified in a configuration file for each XML document type. You can also create your own custom rules. For more details, see the Include text-to-markup corrections based on the current document type option in the AutoCorrect Preferences Page topic.

I hope you will find the new Oxygen version useful and we are looking forward to any feedback you may have about it.


Radu Coravu
<oXygen/> XML Editor

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