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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Elements for presenting multiple language variants in a code example

Hi Peter,

I believe what you are looking for is the mode="class.value" feature of the DocBook XSL stylesheets. That mode generates each class attribute, and can be customized without needing to customize the element's main template. It is described here:


Let me know if this isn't sufficient for your needs.

Bob Stayton
On 2/24/2020 8:13 PM, Peter Desjardins wrote:
I'm trying to design a set of elements that I can render as a single
code example with multiple programming language variants. I'd like to
style this in HTML so that the example selectively hides all but one
example variant.

I need to pass some indication of the programming language to the
output HTML so that the styling can select one or another variant. For
example, a <div class="informalexample java"> element could be
distinguished from a <div class="informalexample python"> element.

The elements I'm using so far:

- example
    - title
    - informalexample
        @role = java
        - programlisting
        - calloutlist
    - informalexample
        @role = python
        - programlisting
        - calloutlist

By default, the role attributes on the informalexample elements are
not passed through to the div elements for the informalexamples.

I could customize the template for informalexample to do what I need,
but I'm wondering if there's a build-in way to do this.

Has anyone found a good way to present multiple variants of an example
and offer readers a choice in the output presentation?



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