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Subject: xmlcalabash extensions step: No 'class' in configuration for cx:mathml-to-svg


this is probably a silly question. I would like to use 2 xmlcalabash extensions step with the docbook xslt20 stylesheets: mathml-to-svg and xslthl, and I would like to do that in my own Java program.

So far, I have working Java db5 -> html conversion code (using saxon-he and xmlcalabash@1.1.30-99). But when I try to use the cx:mathml-to-svg I get the following error message:

DefaultXProcMessageListener - Misconfigured. No 'class' in configuration for cx:mathml-to-svg

I guess that I haven't understood how the Java class of the extension step is registered with xmlcalash. On the class, there is an annotation

        name = "cx:mathml-to-svg",
        type = "{http://xmlcalabash.com/ns/extensions}mathml-to-svg")
and there is an (extra) library.xpl.

Perhaps somebody could explain me the about the relation of the 2 files - and what have to been done to register an extension step with xmlcalabash successfully.

Kind regards,


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