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Subject: Bibliographic styling

Iâm thinking of taking on the task of creating a docbook customization, similar to the iso690 customization, to process bibliographic information in the Chicago Manual of Style format.

Before I dive in head first, I thought Iâd check with the group to see if anyone has already done that.

Also, I have an additional question that might more appropriately belong in the docbook list, but Iâll give it a shot:

To streamline the markup of inline references to bibliographic entries, I wonder whether it would stretch the standard too far to interpret a linkend in a citetitle as pointing to a bibliographic reference and process it as though it were a biblioref immediately following the citetitle. So, for example,

<citetitlef pubwork=âbookâ linkend=âref.stayton2007â>DocBook XSL: The Complete Guide</citetitle>

would be interpreted as equivalent to <citetitle pubwork=âbookâ>DocBook XSL: The Complete Guide</citetitle><biblioref linkend=âref.stayton2007â/>

Since the ultimate result is a link (the only difference is that the link text would be an inline tag, e.g., [Stayton 2007], rather than the title text), I donât think itâs too far out there.

But, to take it a step further, how about interpreting <citetitle pubwork=âbookâ  linkend=âref.stayton2007â/>
the same way, but pulling the title from the referenced biblioentry/bibliomixed element when the citetitle element is empty.

Any thoughts?

Best regards,
Dick Hamilton
XML Press
XML for Technical Communicators

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