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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Bibliographic styling

Richard Hamilton <hamilton@xmlpress.net> writes:
> Is the following correct?

[ Not intending to speak for Peterâ ]

> - CSL encodes the details of how a particular style works. It provides
> a machine readable set of instructions that can be used by a processor
> to generate output that follows a particular citation style.


> - To use CLS with DocBook, you could write a stylesheet that would
> take a biblioentry and format it based on the contents of a particular
> CSL file. You might do that as a pre-processor and convert biblioentry
> into bibliomixed, or you could convert directly from biblioentry into
> fo, html, etc.

Also, yep.

> - Or, at least for HTML, you could convert a biblioentry into CSL-JSON
> and convert it to HTML with citeproc-js or pandoc-citeproc. I havenât
> tried out citeproc-js or pandoc-citeproc, so I could be way off on
> this one.

That might actually be the only short-term practical solution. Iâve
filed a few bugs on the CSL spec and its test suite. Near as I can tell,
what actually exists is a reference implementation (citeproc-js) and a
specification that only incompletely describes the behavior of that

I still might poke at a DocBook+CSL to HTML stylesheet, but my
enthusiasm as waned significantly. A third party implementation of CSL
is going to fail tests in the test suite. The specification is not going
to reflect why those tests *should* pass, and the only recourse is going
to be to reverse engineer the citeproc-js implementation (either
literally or by making something thatâs bug-compatible; in as much as I
assert that an implementation that doesnât conform to the specification
is buggy). Kind of disappointing, really.

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman Tovey-Walsh <ndw@nwalsh.com>

> The common excuse of those who bring misfortune on others is that they
> desire their good.--Vauvenargues

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