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Subject: docbook-xsl URL mess

In docbook-xsl 1.79.2, the system identifier was changed from




However, this was done in a backward-incompatible way. So now, in your customization layer or build system, you have to pick one of these URLs, and users who have a different docbook-xsl version installed locally will suffer, either because the stylesheets have to be fetched from a remote server, or the build will fail entirely.

This didn't use to be a real problem in practice because 1.79.2 saw very little adoption, but it's now trickling into various distributions and packagings, and it's becoming a real source of frequent build problems.

This should be fixed by making the supplied catalog files include backward-compatible mappings. However, it seems after 1.79.2, docbook-xsl went unmaintained, so we are now stuck in this limbo.

Is anybody in a position to get this fixed and get a new patch release out soon please?

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