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Subject: Update on biblioentry proposal

This is an update on the work Iâve been doing on biblioentry styles.

I just posted an updated proposal for conventions for biblioentry elements at: https://rlhamilton.net/biblioentry/

You can see a PDF at: https://rlhamilton.net/biblioentry/bib-article.pdf

The objective is to create a set of guidelines that show writers how to create biblioentry elements that can be rendered in various styles (e.g., Chicago, MLA, APA, etc.).

I started by creating some guidelines that I thought would work, then created a customization to take biblientry elements written to those guidelines and render them in Chicago (CMOS) style.

That resulted in a few minor changes and some additions to the guidelines I posted a week or so ago (you can still see the first proposal at https://rlhamilton.net/biblioentry.orig/).

The html and pdf links shown above use that customization, which at this point is reasonably function for books and for articles/papers/chapters in journals/proceedings/books. There are some examples at the end of the proposal.

The rest of the rendering is mostly straight docbook using the XSL 1.0 stylesheets, though I grabbed Normâs new css files, which make the html a bit easier to read and navigate (though not as pretty as html created with those stylesheets in mind:-).

All comments are welcome.

Best regards,
Dick Hamilton
XML Press
XML for Technical Communicators

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