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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] When double-sided print, how to avoid chapter starting on odd pages?

There are additional steps required because of the way XSL-FO uses page-sequences for book components like chapters, etc. and the multiple XSL-FO properties that control page numbering, so getting the boundaries between page sequences to work is the issue.. This thread describes other parameters and changes that need to be made.


It does not cover the thumb index because that's your own customization.

Bob Stayton
On 8/15/2020 8:39 AM, Bernhard Kleine wrote:
Am 14.08.2020 um 20:38 schrieb Tony Graham:
On 14/08/2020 19:04, Bernhard Kleine wrote:
I am using docbook for an book on butterflies and moths. The design is
in A4, the brochure print is half size. The color print becomes
increasingly expensive, since I have to pay for colour pages even if a
page is empty. Since I adopted to double-sided organization for the sake
of the thumb index, the empty (ever) pages before a new chapter cause
increased costs. How can I avoid these empty pages? Which template to
It looks like you need to set the 'force.blank.pages' parameter [1] to

Obviously that does not help very much: The page numbering and the thumb
index will be on the wrong (inner) side doing this. There is to be
something else: At first: if a page is empty, skip it; but secondly let
the odd page following be an "even" one, and thirdly, adjust page
numbering and thumb index accordingly.



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