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Subject: Ã - non SGML character number 132, only uppercase foreign char


I have problems with writing uppercase danish (and german) characters in SGML files.

I get the error:
non SGML character number

I get the same error even if I write a comment with danish uppercase like:
<!-- ÃÃâ -->

The same letter in in lowercase does not give an error
<!-- Ã -->
Special symbols does not give an error either

To work around the problem I tried to use the HTML entities &Aring; but that gives wrong encoding in the html output.

Any hint much appreciated.

The version I am using:
$ docbook2html -v
DocBook-utils version 0.6.14 (jw version 1.1)

DocBook-XML is version 4.5

best regards
Hans Schou

Attachment, test file:
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?>
<!-- masseÃdelÃggelsesvÃben -->
<!-- ÃÃ -->
docbook2html -o q q.sgml
<!DOCTYPE book PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.2//EN" [
<!ENTITY % magic-entities SYSTEM "magic.sgml">
 %magic-entities; Â<!-- This is where we include it -->
<!ENTITY % url-entities SYSTEM "linuxbogurl.sgml">
 %url-entities; Â<!-- This is where we include it -->

<book id="index" lang="da">
  <title>Linux - Friheden til at skrive dokumentation</title>
  Â<subtitle>Version </subtitle>






 <holder>Forfatterne har ophavsret til bogen, men udgiver den under
  "&Aring;ben dokumentlicens (&Aring;DL) - version 1.0".

  Dette er en bog om at skrive bÃger i Dokumentation i Linux.
  Installation af SGML programmel pà Linux Red Hat 7.2 gennemgÃs, og
  derefter vises, hvordan man skriver bÃger og oversÃtter disse til
  HTML, PDF, RTF eller Postscript.


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