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Subject: images, widths and epub

First, Bob, thanks for suggesting how to add a customized version of thatÂxsl template to the customization layer where that one line is changed. If you want me to write the original bug up, I will be happy to do that.Â

I think there's one problem with that solution youÂsuggested.Â

Here's what I use to test:Â

    <imageobject >
      <imagedata fileref="images-epub/hillyer-1918.jpg" width="50%" Â/>

First, if you use width="50%" inside the IMAGEDATA element, it will render by default to a table. (I just learned that you can turn it off by changing this parameter from 1 to 0: ie.  <xsl:param name="make.graphic.viewport" select="0"></xsl:param>). ÂSo you need to make this change to this parameter first.Â

More importantly, after I add a customized version of that template to my customization layer, it renders as:Â

<div class="mediaobject">
Â<img style="width: 50%; " src="" width="50%"/>

[The problem is that while it contains the correct file declaration, it also includes the wrong width attribute at the end]
I suspect that Bob can figure that one out -- though it's still above my pay grade :) .Â

Philo, sometimes the dumb and easy solution suits me just fine -- especially if it's just for one page or one chapter. So manually adding classes to your IMG element isn't a bad idea as a short-term solution. I will warn you: in my experience, Kindle reading systems are unpredictable when rendering a lot of images; it's hard to figure out where on the page they render.Â


Robert Nagle
5115 Sandyfields Ln Katy, TX 77494
(Cell) 832-251-7522

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