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Subject: [xslTNG] $css-links: pass links verbatimly


using I'm using xslTNG.

How do I pass the link to my CSS stylesheet override verbatimly to the output?


  $css-links := "my.css"

should result in 

  <link href="my.css" rel="stylesheet">

in the final output. However, since DocBook source XML and transformation output file live in different directories, the xslTNG stylesheets try to be smart and do a fixup on the the relative link "my.css" so that it works from the destination location, pointing to the source folder. Since I do copy all needed resources to the destination location, there's no fixup to do for the stylesheets at this place.

I tried 

  $css-links := "file:my.css"

which works - however only as long as I'm opening the file locally. After uploading the file to my webserver, the 'file:' protocol of course won't work.

Is there a parameter to prevent this URL fixup, or how do I need to specify the $css-links parameter to result in my desired output?

Thanks, Christian

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