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Subject: Strange fonts in pdf output

I have created a pdf of a book written in  LaTeX successfully using XeLaTeX, which uses open type fonts on my MAC  computer.

I tried to replicate this using Oxygen XML on a similar docbook by copying the docbook to PDF transformation scenario but modifying it by clicking the âconfigure parameterâ button and changing 
body.font.family=âTimes New Roman, Arial Unicode MS, Tahoma, Batang, serifâ

To body.font.family=âDTL Valiance TPRO, Arial Unicode MS, Tahoma, Batang, serifâ.
The pdf generated uses DTL Valiance TPRO bold instead of the regular font. The same was true of DTL Documenta.
I thought it might be just this font agency, so I tried this with several other fonts and all generated mismatched fonts.
Baskerville 10 gave italic, as did Cala and Trinite No2. A few worked, like Iowan Old Style BT Pro.

How might I modify the transformation to correct this issue? Thanks.

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