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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Hypenation in titles

Hi Philo,

If you are going to be customizing DocBook XSL, I suggest you check out my free online book that covers a lot of formatting options:


Oxygen XML lets you set values for stylesheet parameters in their interface, and the information for most such parameters is in Part II: Stylesheet Options.  However, the process of changing the format of titles does not use parameters because there are too many title types and properties.  Instead, there is a title customization process in which you edit an XML file that lists title properties, and then you generate an XSL file that enacts those properties.  Then you import that generated XSL file into a customization layer to override the default title properties.  It's more complicated than parameters, but it allows you to complete control to set any property for any title type.

The process for creating a customization layer is described here:


The process for customizing titles and subtitles is described here:


The stylesheet uses the term "titlepage" to refer to titles, subtitles, and any other info elements that should appear at the beginning of a DocBook element.

For your case, you will want to edit the spec file and add a hyphenate="false" property to the <title> and <subtitle>  elements you want to turn off, and then generate the titlepage XSL file to import.

Bob Stayton
On 4/7/2021 10:11 AM, Philo Calhoun wrote:
How do you prevent hyphenation in title and subtitles  when docbook files are converted to pdf with Oxygen XML Editor?

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