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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Two nagging problems with docbook2pdf in texlive 2019

My view, a 12 yo tool chain is plain OOD?

How much work did you put in to the stylesheets?
Is the up to date XSL too far from what you can manage with?


On Fri, 11 Jun 2021 at 03:46, Kevin Dunn <kdunn@hsc.edu> wrote:
> For context, I have published two books marked up in Docbook xml, the first in 2003, and the second in 2010. Both were converted to pdf using docbook2pdf on linux boxes using customized dsssl stylesheets and several tex packages.
> In anticipation of writing a third book, I installed texlive on a Ubuntu 20.04 box, and was pleased to find the familiar tools and packages there. I copied my 2010 book over from the very old computer where it was living, and with a few tweaks, I can get it to process (mostly) with my previous stylesheets. However, there are two nagging problems with the docbook2pdf included with texlive:
> The book has several Parts. docbook2pdf paginates Part 1 with roman page numbers. Chapter 1 starts on page 1. I would like Part 1 to start on page 1 (as it did with the 2009 toolchain).
> The book has Figures, Examples, Tables, and Equations. My dsssl stylesheet uses $generate-book-lot-list$ to list those elements that should get their own list after the table of contents. But only the first one in the list actually shows up in the pdf, for example List  of Tables but nothing for figures or equations, even though they are included in $generate-book-lot-list$
> In troubleshooting this, I found that the same things happen with a very simple book.xml file and no customization in the dsssl stylesheets, i.e., docobook2pdf book.xml using the default stylesheet.
> I realize this toolchain is very old, but I would really like to get it working again. I have looked at other toolchains:
> dblatex places Part 1 on page 1, but only gives a List of Tables.
> xsltproc and fop give correct page numbers and Lists, but I'd be starting over with xsl as far as stylesheet customizations.
> xsltproc and xep (free trial) also get the page numbers and Lists correct, but again, I'd be starting over on my stylesheets.
> Any suggestions on fixing these issues?
> Thanks in advance,
> Kevin Dunn

Dave Pawson
Docbook FAQ.

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