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Subject: AH Formatter initial-letters Drop Cap Customization

The learning curve for transitioning from dsssl to xsl has not been as steep as I had imagined. I had been using the lettrine package in my dsssl-jadetex customization. I now have an xsl customization that calls the AH Formatter initial-letters extension, with all the functionality I had come to expect of lettrine. In particular, it can use a different (fancy) font for the drop cap than for the body-font, it can shape the margins to the contours of different drop cap letters, and it can present the remainder of the of the first word in small-caps, if desired. That's everything I want it to do, so I don't really have a question. If anyone is interested, I would be happy to share the customization.

Next stop: xrefs that render page numbers, e.g., "For more information, see Appendix A (page 127)."

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