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Subject: Respecting table formatting in docbook source while producing html or epub

A table in my source DocBook xml document is defined as follows

<table frame='bottom'><title>Variables for the user's and the developer's documentation</title>
  <tgroup cols='3' align='left' colsep='0' rowsep='1'>
  <colspec colname='c1' colwidth="1*"/>
  <colspec colname='c2' colwidth="1*"/>
  <colspec colname='c3' colwidth="5*"/>
      <entry>Default value</entry>
      <entry>The user's documentation is generated in HTML, PDF, and EPUB formats.</entry>

When the table is generated in PDF using dblatex the format specified in the docbook document is respected (e.g., table frame='bottom' or colsep='0'). 

However, this formatting is ignored in HTML or EPUB and the tables are output without any customization, i.e., traditional double border for each cell.

I know they are HMTL table parameters
but I would simply want to output the table as specified in the docbook document.

Is there a way to do this ?

Thanks for your answer.

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