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Subject: Creating Styles for an Attribute



I’m trying to customize the Docbook stylesheets so my profiling attributes will produce colored text when I build the document without profiling. I currently have stylesheets that pull out the profiled information as needed, and I want to create a new stylesheet that uses the same attributes, does not profile, and colors the profiled sections.


I currently use the attribute doc=”” to profile my documents.


For example:


<para doc=”FAT”> </para>

<step doc=”SAT”> </step>


I commonly profile the following elements: para, row, step, procedure, section, table, figure, lists (different kinds of lists), and others.


I was able to write a stylesheet that would do this for a para element, and for a para element inside a step element, but the way I am doing it, I will have to write a new template for each element. Is there a way I can write one template to cover every time I use doc=””?


Thank you,





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