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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Creating Styles for an Attribute

On 9/11/21 3:10 AM, Bob Stayton wrote:
> It's main limitation is that it only is applied to text nodes in your
> XML document, and so would not color generated text (like "Note" or
> xrefs) or any rule lines.  If you can live with that limitation then
> this is a simple solution.
And if you still need to be convinced that this simple solution is the
way to go, study the code that generates tables and contemplate
overriding every template until it does what you want :-)

Bob, would it handle the xrefs too by matching them, wrapping them in
the fo:inline/span, and then doing the apply-imports? Or would that
break the xref mechanism?

<xsl:template match="text()[ancestor::*[@doc =
'FAT']]|db:xref[ancestor-or-self::*[@doc = 'FAT']]">
  <fo:inline color="red">



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