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Subject: [Ann] Oxygen XML Editor version 24.0 has been released!

Hi everyone,
We are happy to announce that Oxygen XML Editor/Author version 24 was released!
Listing below some new features which may be useful for our DocBook users:
Visual Editing
* It is now easier to select and copy an element in Author mode when you use Partial Tags for the Tags Display Mode. When using this mode, you now have the ability to select a block element (along with its content) directly in the main editing pane by spanning the selection to include the element's invisible end tag (using your mouse or keyboard).

* A new mode was added to the Tags Display Mode sub-menu named Block Tags without Element Names. It displays tags for block elements without the element names for a more compact version of the Block Tags mode.

* A new contextual menu action (Save image as) is available in Author mode for local, external, or embedded images. This action opens a dialog box where you can choose where to save the image locally and it includes an option (Update the reference to the image) that can be toggled to choose whether or not to update the path in any existing references to the image.

* When configuring a Framework Extension Script file, you now have the ability to specify the default editing mode that is loaded when a document is opened for the first time. For example, if the files are usually edited in the Author editing mode, you can specify it to be the initial mode using the <initialPage> element.

Performance Improvements
* Startup Speed Improved
If multiple file tabs were left open in a previous editing session, the application will not load the file content at startup, or when switching projects and restoring the open files associated with that project. The file content will be loaded when you switch to the corresponding file tab. Each previously open file is still visible as a tab so you can switch to it normally. This helps to improve the application's startup time and also the time to switch between projects. You can disable this behavior by toggling the Load file content only when switching to its corresponding editor tab option that is now available in the Global preferences page.

* Performance was improved when loading large documents. For example, XML documents with a lot of MathML equations and DocBook documents that include a large number of internal links are now processed and loaded faster.

* Various improvements were made to the Batch Documents Converter add-on. For example, cross-references, index entries, and footnotes are now handled properly when converting a Word document to DITA.

* The Translator Helper add-on was enhanced to provide support for translating content to various languages using DeepL Translator.

* A new Writer Helper add-on is available and it provides a side-view that is designed to help content authors with various tools that are useful for technical writers:
- Review - You can select folders or files in the Project view and start a review session for them.
- Similar Content - You can select folders or files in the Project view and find elements with similar content that could be reused.
- Read Aloud - You can select content and use a Play button to listen to content out loud, read by a system-specific narrator.
- Tips - Displays a list of editing tips, tuned for technical writers.

* Batch Accept Tracked Changes or Remove Comments/Highlights
A new XML refactoring operation (Accept all tracked changes, remove all Oxygen-specific comments and highlights) can be used to accept all application-specific tracked changes (from elements and attributes) or to remove all comments or highlights.

For the complete list of features, go to https://www.oxygenxml.com/xml_editor/whats_new.html

We hope you will enjoy Oxygen 24!
As always, your feedback on it is welcomed.

Best regards,
Alin Belu
Oxygen XML Editor

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