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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Asciidoc -> docbook -> PDF tooling


> I currently have a java/maven-based AsciiDoc -> DocBook -> FOP -> PDF
> chain within the docbkx-maven-plugin, but would like any suggestions
> that appear to be better maintained and are cross platform.

We are using DAPS (https://github.com/opensuse/daps). It's essentially
using the same chain you are using though: AsciiDoctor, DocBook XSL,
It's also not exactly cross-platform, it's quite explicitly Linux-only.
(We use Docker containers to help with cross-platformness though.)

O/n 10/11/2021 09.18, Peter Eisentraut wro/te:
> On 09.11.21 22:14, Randall Wood wrote:
>> This is the first tool I tried, it is missing a lot of formatting capabilities that FOP and Latex have, but with FOP appearing to be all but abandoned (and me having some problems with it), Iâm looking at a replacement for it.
> FOP looks reasonably maintained to me. There is a release about once a year: http://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/changes.html

It is not abandoned but FOP it is a project with few commits and really
does have certain issues. In our case, certain fonts and font weights
create issues for us, as do a few other layouting quirks around
monospace and such.

Stefan Knorr, technical writer

SUSE Software Solutions Germany GmbH: MaxfeldstraÃe 5 / 90409 NÃrnberg/
Germany. HRB 36809, Amtsgericht NÃrnberg. Gf. Ivo Totev.

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