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Subject: Re: [docbook-apps] Asciidoc -> docbook -> PDF tooling

Probably not the solution you're looking for, but we have used dblatex
(not to be confused with the older db2latex). For our use case--grammars of foreign languages, with mixed languages and scripts (Arabic, Bengali, Thaana)--it was probably the only solution. But if you're not familiar with LaTeX, tweaking it might be a steep learning curve.

On 11/9/2021 7:01 AM, Randall Wood wrote:
I am working on an AsciiDoc -> DocBook -> PDF toolchain for an open source project (so all tooling must be freely available) because the direct AsciiDoc -> PDF toolchain is inadequate for our purposes.

I currently have a java/maven-based AsciiDoc -> DocBook -> FOP -> PDF chain within the docbkx-maven-plugin, but would like any suggestions that appear to be better maintained and are cross platform.

Randall Wood--
    Mike Maxwell
    "Digital objects last forever--or five years,
    whichever comes first."  --Jeff Rothenberg

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