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Subject: Re: [docbook-publishers] Groups - 4 April 2007 minutes (070404.html)uploaded


I just realized you will probably not have access to the OASIS site. 
Please find a copy of the minutes attached.

Thank you for attending today, and thanks to Dave for taking the 
minutes. I look forward to working with you!

Best regards,


dave.pawson@gmail.com wrote:
> The document named 4 April 2007 minutes (070404.html) has been submitted by
> Mr. David Pawson* to the DocBook Publishers SC document repository.
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> http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/docbook-publishers/document.php?document_id=23403
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Title: OASIS Docbook SubCommittee for Publishers Meeting

OASIS Docbook SubCommittee for Publishers Meeting

Date: 2007-04-04T18:32:43Z
Time: 2000Z
Venue: Telcon
Date: 2007-04-04T18:32:54Z

Version: 1


  • Scott Hudson - chair
  • Jim Earley
  • Keith Fahlgren
  • John Pedersen
  • Dave Pawson
  • Dick Hamilton
  • Mike Broschinsky
  • Norm Walsh.


  • NDW trying to dial in.
  • Antonio Xavier Dasilva
Scribe(s): Dave Pawson


Item. Roll Call

Item. Accepting the minutes[1] of the previous meeting.

Item. Next meeting: 2 May 2007

Item. Review of the agenda.

Item. Review of open action items

Item. IPR Policy

Item. Membership issues

Item. Proposed Roadmap

Item. Review of Requests for Enhancement

1  Roll call,

DISCUSSION: See attendance list.

2  Accepting the minutes of the previous meeting..


3  Next meeting: 2 May 2007

DISCUSSION: Same time each month.

  • Agreed.

4  Review of the agenda.

DISCUSSION: SH. Any additional items?

  • None presented.

5  Review of open action items


6  IPR Policy

DISCUSSION: Royalty Free on Limited Terms. Docbook recently transitioned. We are under same obligation. URL requested. Oasis . From email

  • SH. Close to Open source as we could get. Any work contributed is donated to docbook standard with Oasis retaining some rights. Hence we can't come in and claim any IPR or restrictions on the docbook standard.

7  Membership issues.

DISCUSSION: Corporate/individual membership, membership grants. Oasis requires membership is for IPR reasons. We should be able to allow guests to contribute for domain specific expertise. Hence join Oasis if possible, Oasis also may grant membership. A note to Mary with a list of interested parties. For this meeting you are guests for this meeting.

  • ndw joined the call. 2020.
  • MB. If my employer wants to claim, what should I do.
  • SH. I've had an individual membership previously.

8  Proposed Roadmap

DISCUSSION: As discussed

  • a. Identify elements that should be part of Core DocBook. Also identify elements unlikely to be used. Could be seperated out into another module. Publishers could have own module. What should be part of core, what might be an included module.
  • ndw. Purely to simplify our use. Modules to build v5. Suggest a modularisation which suites us.
  • KF. Would that be anew public ident.
  • ndw. Still open. Take up with the TC.
  • MB. Would simplified by a place to start?
  • ndw. Probably not.
  • SH. Try adding to simplified, then add onto that. Either route would work. Maybe start simple, then add?
  • KF. There has been some modularisation. Maybe worth looking at that.
  • SH. Invite NDW to future meeting to talk us through breakdown today.
  • SH. Items a-c are around this subject.
  • b. Identify potential "modules" for elements currently part of DocBook but belonging to a particular domain.
  • c. Recommend Core DocBook and proposed modules to DocBook TC
  • ndw. Once you have a view. You need to work with TC to customise grammar.
  • d. Identify general publishing needs not currently met by DocBook
  • SH. Some items have been rejected by TC. Could view older rfe's. We are chartered to create a variant. We can make changes for the publishing industry, whilst recognising it may not be valid to full docbook.
  • DP. We should state that clearly.
  • SH. Our documentation should state that.
  • The modularisation is documented at sourceforge.
  • SH. If we need to change core docbook, we should put to TC if thought it would be beneficial. Then we'd need justification.
  • e. Identify additional specific domains within publishing industry that may need specific modules.
  • f. develop RFEs from identified needs
  • g. develop DocBook v5.0 schema enhancements from RFEs
  • h. submit schema enhancements for approval to DocBook TC
  • SH. There may be special needs for vertical markets which need sub modules e.g. for medical publications. Should ID those too. Then develop rfe's for creating those modules.
  • DP. Need to pipeclean the process to judge it?
  • SH. Identify major types of content. E.g. journals, books. Then ident what's missing.
  • KF. When should we define what are general publishing needs. Then scientific and medical adding to that. Prefer not to be specific just yet.
  • SH. Approach from the general view first. Then address special needs.
  • KF. Who uses v5?
  • DP. Me.
  • DH. All my stuff is in v5, I like it a lot.
  • SH. Another invitee, they are looking at v5, moving to it, with little in v5 as yet. We have recommended v5 to a few clients. Tool support is biggest pain. Some tools do support it.
  • SH. We might consider a page on the docbook wiki. To get the word out.
  • KF. Pointed to an upcoming conference. O'Reilly conference. , also O'Reilly
  • SH. docbook.org/publishers OK? OK Norm?
  • NDW. Welcome to it.
  • SH. Need to come up with other options.
  • KF. I'd like more background.

Action item: Review modules in docbook

Who? ~All

Due date: Over next few weeks.

Action item: Mailing list - set up, via ndw!

Who? SH

Due date: ASAP

The irc server is irc.freenode.net, channel #dbpub

Summary of Actions


Action item: Review modules in docbook

Due date: Over next few weeks.


Action item: Mailing list - set up, via ndw!

Due date: ASAP

fn:Scott Hudson
org:Flatirons Solutions
adr:Suite 200;;4747 Table Mesa Drive ;Boulder;CO;80305;USA

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