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Subject: Re: [DocBook-publishers] Legislation module

On 06/06/07, GARY Hoffman <GHOFF@eslaw.com> wrote:

> My thought was that a module could be developed that utilizes some of the
> elements that would be unique to legislation. Federal legislation has up to
> 14 levels ranging from "title" to "subitem". Some existing elements, such as
> "title", may have to be re-configured as a hierarchical level. Also, state
> legislation frequently uses the term "article" as a hierarchical level,
> which conflicts with the existing DocBook definition of that element.

Sounds like a recursive section equivalent? Fourteen different ones
hardly makes sense for docbook.any?

> An alternative to a complex hierarchy would be to add a <div> element such
> as that developed by TEI.


No point when we already have nested sections?

> Targeted users would be those who publish state and federal codes, as well
> as compilations of local governments (cities, counties, etc.).

Is this getting ahead of ourselves Gary?
  Seems like a good use-case, if some compromise could be reached though.

The SC hasn't been authorised as yet, we shouldn't be re-org'ing the
us.gov... just yet.


Dave Pawson

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