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docbook-publishers message

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Subject: DocBook Publishers SC meeting postponed


I have a couple of regrets for todays meeting. In the interest of 
achieving a critical mass of folks to attend, I propose postponing 
today's meeting to another Wednesday this month. Please send me your 
availability and I will reschedule for a more available time.

Also, please send me any specific agenda items or topics you would like 
to see covered.

Happy New Year!

Thanks and best regards,


*  Scott Hudson*
 / Senior XML Architect/



  O:  303.542.2146

  C:  303.332.1883

  F:  303.544.0522


  www.FlatironsSolutions.com <http://www.flatironssolutions.com/>

/  An Inc. 500 Company/

/ /

Keith Fahlgren wrote:
> On 12/5/07 7:57 AM, Scott Hudson wrote:
>> Folks,
>> with XML 2007 this week, we have several members that have a conflict
>> with today's meeting. Let's cancel today's meeting and plan to kick off
>> our efforts in the new year!
>> Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, January 2.
> I'm still trying to fly home, so I'll miss the meeting today.

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