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Subject: article/@class Additions?


I'd like to open the floor for a discussion of additional values we'll need to
add to the @class attribute of <article>[1] to properly markup the documents
produced by our target publishers. The current list is: [2]

  Identifies the nature of the article

  Enumerated values:
    “faq” 	    A collection of frequently asked questions.
    “journalarticle” 	    An article in a journal or other periodical.
    “productsheet” 	    A description of a product.
    “specification” 	    A specification.
    “techreport” 	    A technical report.
    “whitepaper” 	    A white paper.

My take is that "journalarticle"'s definition is too broad.


1. I couldn't find an earlier discussion in the minutes.
2. http://www.docbook.org/tdg5/en/html/article.html#attribute-descriptions

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