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Subject: DocBook Publishers SC Meeting Minutes - 23 Jan 08

Here are the minutes for today's meeting.

Dick Hamilton
DocBook Sub-Committee for Publishers Meeting Minutes: 23 Jan 2008

1. Roll call

- Scott Hudson (chair), Gary Hoffman, Dick Hamilton, John Pedersen,
  Keith Fahlgren

2. Accepting the minutes of the previous meeting.

- Accepted

3. Next meeting: 6 February 2008
4. Review of the agenda.

- Add agenda item to discuss sourceforge mailing list

5. Review of open action items
  a. all to review/recommend content models for support
     of poetry and dialogue.
     - CLOSED
  b. Norm to help set up the RFE tracker on sourceforge
     to track our enhancements.
  c. Scott to also ping folks at Mulberry, since they
     worked quite a bit on the NLM (Journal) schemas.

7. Proposed Roadmap
  a. Identify elements that should be part of Core DocBook
  b. Identify potential "modules" for elements currently part of DocBook
     but belonging to a particular domain.
  c. Recommend Core DocBook and proposed modules to DocBook TC
  d. Identify general publishing needs not currently met by DocBook
  e. Identify additional specific domains within publishing industry
     may need specific modules.
  f. develop RFEs from identified needs
  g. develop DocBook v5.0 schema enhancements from RFEs
  h. submit schema enhancements for approval to DocBook TC

  - Discussion:
    Scott: We are now up to items g/h.  Have made a lot of progress.
           Need to test draft and see if we need to add any new rqmts.
           Check out publishers.rnc[1]
    Comment: Customization was very clean; shows how well the schema
           has been structured.

8. Discuss support for poems (suggestions by Dave, Gary)

   - Discussion:
     Scott: Want more generic structure or specific?
     Keith: DB5 doesn't have semantically appropriate category.
            He prefers generic markup over narrowly defined markup.
     John:  NLM DTD didn't want an over-arching container element.
     The group didn't come to a strong conclusion on the idea of
     container elements, but the discussion leaned towards having

     Keith: Can dialog and poem be captured by single markup, since
            dialog needs to identify a speaker?
     The group generally agreed that dialog and poetry should
     probably be separate, but would likely have shared markup.
     Scott: Reminder that we want to markup for publishing.  What
            are requirements for publisher?
     The group discussed this point and also discussed the HTML5
     dialog element[2].
     Scott: Need to work with some examples.
     Shakespeare samples available courtesy of Jon Bosak[3]

     Scott: what about using another namespace?
     The group discussed this point and are leaning towards
     not doing that because the known alternatives (e.g., TEI)
     have less descriptive tags than DocBook.
     Group agreed to continue discussion on mailing list

9. Discuss whether to assign additional class attributes to article
   or other modifications to better support journal publishing.

   - Continued to next meeting; see action below for Keith.
     Current values of class attribute in article can be
     found in the Definitive Guide for Version 5.0[4].

10.Discuss legal/govt citations.

For example, what is the best practice for marking up the following:
According to the Bank Holding Company Act (12 USC 1841(c)(2)(F))...

   - Continued to next meeting; see action below for Gary.

11. Review of Requests for Enhancement

   - None currently: send RFEs to Scott until tracker is set up

12. Added: OASIS email policy

  - It is a violation of OASIS policy to use an outside
    mailing list for committee communications.  Therefore,
    we need to delete the sourceforge list and move all
    business to the OASIS list.  See actions below.

Summary of New Action Items:

ACTION: All:   look for good examples of dialog and poetry
ACTION: Scott: put query out on list for ideas on handling dialog;
               especially identifying speakers. 
ACTION: Keith: will look for suggestions as listed in previous minutes. 
ACTION: Norm:  Delete sourceforge mailing list.
ACTION: Scott: Send email to sourceforge list and ask
               people to subscribe to the OASIS list.
ACTION: Gary:  Look for additional examples of legal citations.
ACTION: All:   Try out publishers.rnc[1]:


[2] http://www.w3.org/TR/2008/WD-html5-diff-20080122/#new-elements
[3] http://xml.coverpages.org/bosakShakespeare200.html
[4] http://www.docbook.org/tdg5/en/html/article.html

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