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Subject: Re: Draft of our RNC

Title: Scott Hudson
Hi Keith,

I think I understand. I think we must approve the draft and submit it to the TC. The TC can then approve the draft. I agree that we should create a package of the schema items, and make it available for review, but I want to make sure we are following OASIS process as well.

I'll follow up with Mary McRae to make sure we get this out there appropriately. I'll report back to the list with the process.

Best regards,


  Scott Hudson
  Senior XML Architect



  O:  303.542.2146

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Keith Fahlgren wrote:
On 3/12/08 9:19 AM, Scott Hudson wrote:
Hi Keith,

the draft of the RNC was published at:


When I spoke at TOC in February and with the crowd at code4lib there was a lot
of interest in the work we were doing. People asked me specifically to get the
SubCommittee to start publishing their early drafts (now) publicly and mention
it on http://docbook.org. If we're going to do that, we'll need to package up
our RNC along with the referenced files and put it in a more public place. I
dunno if this is the first step in some OASIS process as well (though I remember
Norm saying something to that effect at the last meeting).


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