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Subject: Re: [docbook-publishers] Groups - DocBook Publishers SC modified

2008/6/4  <keith@oreilly.com>:
> Added minutes

> 9. Review of Requests for Enhancement
>  a. 1964024: Formalize the adoption of Dublin Core in the info element[3]
> * From Jim's original request:
> """While DocBook already includes many of the elements that are defined by the
> Dublin Core, it is not inherently interoperable with DC metadata. The
> Publisher's SC (and hopefully the the DocBook TC) should consider adopting
> DC metadata as a formal metadata model for  elements"""
> * Jim runs into this when doing interoperability work in the real world. DC is well-established.
> * Downside include:
> ** Dublin doesn't provide RNC or RNG versions of their schemas. We could always contribute this back to them and ask them to add it to the schemas they provide.
> ** Will people get confused between the similar (semantically) elements between DocBook  and DC. Interoperability will be increased by using DC exclusively.
> ** DC does updates to their schemas. How do we sync? We'll just tie DocBook to a particular version, and make updates when we see fit.
> * Scott spoke to Norm about this. Norm expressed concerns about the semantically equivalent elements in the standard (dc:title, in particular) and the fact that dc:title might not be the same as db:title. This might make processing difficult. Perhaps we should do an either-or model? Jim has no problem with that (nor does Keith). Scott to attempt this.
> * Continue this discussion.

I hadn't considered overlap (dc:title db:title), but for other
metadata, a clean reference out to DC sounds like
a good idea to me. DC is well established now. It might be a good
service to offer the rng back to them.
I'm sure we could resolve the overlaps amicably (alternatives for
title for example).

In line with other docbook principles, ' make updates when we see
fit.' seems good.


Dave Pawson

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