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Subject: Status


I'm not going to hold a meeting today, but wanted to provide status:

Norm Walsh has successfully created an XProc pipeline to generate our 
DTD from RNC!

As such, the DocBook TC voted to re-issue the specification with the DTD 
and re-enter a 15-day review process with OASIS.

Now the hard part: we must re-generate the spec as Committee Draft 2. I 
have not been able to successfully generate the doc as I'm on Windows 
environ. I've asked Norm to please regenerate, but he may not have time. 
If anyone else is available to build the doc in OASIS format, please let 
me know. The sooner we can get this in, the quicker we can get to 
through the review period and to official approved specification status!

In other news, there may be some disruption to the SC as I am moving to 
a new employment opportunity at the end of the month. I am still 
planning to chair the SC, but may take some hoops to jump through for me 
to keep my membership active.

Thanks and best regards,

-- Scott

Scott Hudson
Senior XML Architect
+1 (303) 542-2146  |  Office

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