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Subject: How can I use XML in publishing.

Yet again I've had a go at answering this question. This time a lady
from 'tother side of the globe.

Some curious, some with knowledge, some with evil intent, the common question
is how might XML be used in publishing? Is it cost effective.

Explaining the technicalities generally turns out to be the easy bit.
Persuading the concrete crust of managers that it won't bite them
is the really hard part.

I somehow doubt I'm the only one who has faced this question.
That we combine our efforts and put up a few hundred words
explaining what docbook is. How it might be used cost -effectively
in a publishing environment, what the options are for converting
from an authors input to docbook, what the transforms offer
and ... finally (if you have any success stories), what persuaded
managers in the past to give XML a try.

Perhaps a page on the docbook wiki?

Or am I the only one who'se tried to answer these questions?


Dave Pawson
Docbook FAQ.

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