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Subject: AGENDA: DocBook SC for Publishers meeting, 25 January 2012

Title: AGENDA: DocBook SC for Publishers meeting, 25 January 2012
DocBook SC for Publishers Meeting Agenda: 25 January 2012

The DocBook SC for Publishers will meet on Wednesday, 25 January 2012 at
01:00p EDT for 60 minutes.

NOTE: This meeting date is the last Wednesday of the month.

Attendance at teleconferences is restricted to members
(and prospective members) of the committee.

Topic: OASIS DocBook SC for Publishers
 Date: Wednesday, January 25, 2012
 Time: 10:00 am, Pacific Standard Time (San Francisco, GMT-08:00)
 Meeting Number: 921 700 654
 Meeting Password: DocBook1
 To join the online meeting (Now from mobile devices!)
 1. Go to https://pelco.webex.com/pelco/j.php?ED=174913217&UID=1335688697&PW=NYzBlYTMwMGVi&RT=MiM0
 2. If requested, enter your name and email address.
 3. If a password is required, enter the meeting password: DocBook1
 4. Click "Join".
 To view in other time zones or languages, please click the link:
 To join the teleconference only
 Provide your phone number when you join the meeting to receive a call back. Alternatively, you can call:
 Call-in toll-free number (Verizon): 1-8667119660  (US)
 Call-in number (Verizon): 1-2104068454  (US)
 Show global numbers: https://wbbc.verizonbusiness.com/wbbcClick2Join/servlet/WBBCClick2Join?TollNumCC=1&TollNum=2104068454&TollFreeNumCC=1&TollFreeNum=8667119660&ParticipantCode=7111115&customHeader=mymeetings&dialInNumbers=true
 Attendee access code: 711 111 5

The DocBook SC for Publishers uses the #dbpub IRC channel on
irc.freenode.org.  The IRC channel is used for exchanging
URIs, providing out-of-band comments, and other aspects
of the teleconference, so please join us there if at
all possible.


1. Roll call
2. Next meeting: 29 February 2012
3. Review of the agenda.
4.  Review of Requests for Enhancement

    To browse a specific RFE, enter the URL (on one line):


  1. 3427570    DocBook Music Notation: Repost     Open     2011-10-23
  2. 3315411    Replacement for "annotation" element     Open     2011-06-12
  3. 3292583    include HTML table model by default     Open     2011-04-25
  4. 3168755    Epigraphs should allow poetry     Open     2011-01-31
  5. 3006144    Naming and Versioning of Publishers' Schema     Open     2010-05-23

Thanks and best regards,


Scott Hudson | Pelco by Schneider Electric | United States | Publication Standards and Technology Lead

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