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Subject: Re: Agenda item for the TC meeting

Terry Allen wrote:
> >But, ahem, I need to know what to say in the official
> documentation. :-)
> Nothing.  OASIS is for the advancement of structured information
> STANDARDS.  Even if we relax that to "specifications", there's
> nothing to advance yet.  Sure, we can talk about it, but we
> don't need to get ahead of ourselves.
> Scenario:  the schema WG can't decide on a final draft, it asks
> for an extension, that's denied (which is what I would want at
> that point), nothing ever gets to Recommendation, and XDR wins
> the day, after a bitter struggle lasting 2 years.  Boy, I want
> to stand back from that one!

Well, I'm not sure if you're aware, but TimBL today basically told
all the W3C working groups to stop ignoring XML Schemas and namespaces,
that they were now ready for prime time and we should be "using them".
I replied that unless the HTML WG were rechartered, that there's
nothing in the W3C process rules that allows the Director to force 
such decisions on the membership. 

Until such time as XML Schema reaches Recommendation, I'm staying the
hell away myself. There's liable to be plenty of inflammables hiding
under the rug.


Murray Altheim, SGML Grease Monkey         <mailto:altheim&#64;eng.sun.com>
Member of Technical Staff, Tools Development & Support
Sun Microsystems, 901 San Antonio Rd., UMPK17-102, Palo Alto, CA 94303-4900

   the honey bee is sad and cross and wicked as a weasel
   and when she perches on you boss she leaves a little measle -- archy

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