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Subject: Re: DOCBOOK: DocBook for OASIS TC Meeting


I thought the OASIS meeting was on Friday.  I was hoping to do tutorial
and conference things on Monday and Tuesday.  Is this the first time 
we've heard these dates?


 > The upcoming OASIS DocBook TC meeting will take place in conjunction
 > with XML'99 at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Philadelphia in the USA.
 > Monday, December 6, 9am - 5 pm, Room 406
 > Tuesday, December 7, 9am - 5pm, Room 409
 > The agenda is:
 > -- Review and approve Docbook 4.0 changes
 > -- Start work on Docbook 5.0 - xmlification of Docbook
 > -- Review status of docbookx and its relationship to the above.
 > -- Discuss (calmly;-) the possibility of formulating DocBook as an XML Schema.
 > If you are attending the XML'99 conference and you have the time and
 > an issue related to DocBook that you would like to see discussed, please
 > feel free to drop by.
 > Thanks,
 > Eduardo Gutentag
 > Chair

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