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docbook-tc message

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Subject: minutes

Please take a look at the minutes for approval. Let me know if you find
something glaringly erroneous (I think I figured out issue 70).

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Please take a look at the minutes for approval. Let me know if you find
something glaringly erroneous (I think I figured out issue 70).


Docbook Meeting - December 6, 1966


RFE's for 4.0

Issue 70: postponed for the 5.0 discussion

Issue 93- Add markup for forms: since we don't have design for it, Norm proposed to leave it for 5.0 - the candidates would be IETMs, HTML, but really, realistically, only HTML is a candidate. At issue is whether to use namespaces.

Issue 95 - Extend FuncSynopsis for modern programming languages: Norm has a proposal from some time ago; this was examined as to whether it is sufficient enough for Java, C++ and other object oriented languages. It was stated that the goal is not to model code. Norm proposed to clean it up, publish it once again to the list, alert people at xml.dev as to what is happening at the list, and then plug it in 4.0 -- the proposal was accepted.

Isuee 96 - Extend inlines for modern programming languages: We need a list - we could start with a few of the ones in 95 - methodname, exceptionname, interfacename. Norm will document the rationale.

Issue 98 - Reorganize parameter entities: we're leaving this open; it may become moot if/when we move to schemas, we would do the work there, so why do it now.

Issue 99 - Rework MsgSet: it's a mess, there are too many subelements, Terry proposed a radical simplification that would be backwards incompatible so would have to be in 5.0

Sunthar proposed an alternate to msgset. Eve expanded on this: simple msg entry,with msgtext with option attrs(level,audience, origin, class [with a default of main]) followed by explan.

We will have parallel construction with SimpleMessageEntry, which since it is not incompatible can go in 4.0 - will be sent to the list for input. Question: should the attrs be added to mssgentry or not? There is no problem in putting the attrs there, but we should shift to a linking model, so class will not be there for now, only level, audience and origin as CDATA attrs of simplemessageentry.

Issue 100 - Keep 'cooked' and 'raw' bibliographic metadata separated: the RFE contains a proposal that solves the problem, in a backwards incompatible manner, so it should be incorporated in 5.0 - except as point 3. Norm will eliminate point three from the RFE, since there is no proposal in it.

Issue 102 - There are name case inconsistencies in the DocBook DTD: accepted.

Issue 103 - Extend Revision to allow longer descriptions: accepted - Norm will decide what's the best content model for RevDescription.

Issue 104 - add specification class attribute value for Article: yes, it will be added.

Issue 105 - Add notation for PNG graphics: we will add PNG notation.

Issue 106 - *.content PEs in wrong place in dbpool.mod: the correct solution is to blow away all of them, since many are used in just one place, so they are pointless.

Issue 107 - <qandaentry> disallows multiple phrasings of a question and answer: Rejected, multiple questions are not good, multiple answers are possible.

Issue 108 - Content model disallows <note> in <answer>: Accepted. It was not seen as a need originally, but it is now obviously needed.

Issue 109 - Add FPI to content of dbgenent.mod: accepted.

Issue 110 - Allow revhistory in QandASet: We will add revhistory to QandAEntry (not Set).

Issue 111 - Support for the Euro symbol: will be added &euro; as SDATA [ euro ] -- will be removed in an appropriate entity set.

Issue 112 - AckNo ought to be a block not an inline!: rejected, it's supposed to be small.

Another agenda item:

-- We will produce two versions of 4.0 asap. They will be as nearly identical as possible, one will be xml compliant and the other will be the traditional sgml dtd. There will be only one version of docbook 5.0 and it will be both xml and smgl compliant; this will be accomplished by making the dtd looser from an xml point of view and by not using dtd xml extensions. The tc has also agreed that it will investigate and produce a schema version of docbook.

The issue of the status of docbookx becomes moot, because Norm will withdraw it as soon as v4.0 comes out.

Start work on 5.0

A list of RFEs was presented by Sunthar.

5.0 Issues

Issue 93 - Add markup for forms: Initially: use html-* instead of namespaces; they'll have the html attrs, for now we won't add common.attrs. Then it was decided that if we were going to use -*, we might as well use namespaces, but there was no consensus as to what URI to use for the ns, and what to do with future updates. So after more discussion, it was decided to leave it off until 5.0.

Issue 38 - Review nav.class availability: Norm reopened it because loosening the content model of components and sections too much would allow sects to be siblings of recursive sections, etc.

A new rfe (#118) was filed regarding simplesects.

There are 7 RFEs left to be done for 5.0, and they will be FU'd in 4.0

Potentiall schema design characteristics

December 07, 1999

Dennis Evans present.

Discussion on schemas.

What we would want to get out of schemas when/if we turn docbook into a schema. Inheritance? Some obvious things it would apply to, like admonitions, but it may not be too useful in many places. Extensions, subsetting, how to indicate whether a docbook related schema is a subset or an extension of the docbook schema.

Schema validity is different from dtd/sgml validity.

Three things to consider: do not allow anything from other namespeces, or only from well known namespaces, or disallow extensions.

Further discussion on modularization, relationship between that and namespaces, types and class hierarchies.

The goal should not be backward compatibility but rather what we wanted originally but could not express in DTDs. We would expect most documents to validate under both dtds and schemas but we would not guarantee it at all. The isomorphic stage is 4.0, but not afterwards.

We will also start working on Xlink at the schema stage (see Issue 70 above).

Timelines - Docbook 4.0 in SGML and XML by January 2000; docbook 5.0 in XML by January 2001.

Dates: Xtech in February, Paris in June, XML 2000 in December 4th

AI for Eve to post some potential design and implementation principles related to Schema development.

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