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Subject: Re: minutes


Thanks for the informit.com URL.

I was hoping there was a way to get a complete list of where IndexTerms
will no longer be allowed, but I see how that could be, er, difficult to

I don't think the comparison with 4.0//EN//XML will help.  What I'd like,
I guess, is 4.0//EN//XML with 4.0//EN//SGML, but that's what's hard.

How would you describe where IndexTerms can no longer appear?  Here are
the kinds of places I'd expect IndexTerms to be invalid in 5.0: between
chapters, between sections.  What about inside Titles?  between start tag
and Title?  immediately following section Title before next start tag?
Where would you put the IndexTerms to include a reference to an entire
chapter?  Is it possible to summarize where they _will_ be allowed --
"inside a block-level thingy below the section level"?  (This is speaking
formally, of course.)

 > / Michael Sabrio <rms@fpk.hp.com> was heard to say:
 > | By the way, I found http://www.pearsoneducation.com/ (these guys own
 > | a ton of companies you've heard of!), but can someone remind me of the
 > Amazing, isn't it?
 > | URL Sunthar recommended we look at?  He had it written on his nametag.
 > informit.com
 > | I'm still not quite sure of the DocBook 4.0 -> 5.0 change:
 > | 
 > | Do we have a specific list of the backward incompatibilities to be
 > | introduced in 5.0 because of XMLification?  Or will we just make a
 > | general remark?  In particular, can we say something specific in 4.0
 > | about where IndexTerms will no longer be allowed in 5.0 because of
 > | the disappearance of inclusions?
 > In addition to the specific FUs, I had intended to summarize the
 > sorts of changes that 5.0 will introduce because of XML issues.
 > An explicit list of everyplace that indexterm is no longer
 > allowed would be quite difficult to construct, I think, since
 > they're allowed *everywhere* now.
 > But you will have 4.0//EN//XML to compare against, does that
 > help?
 >                                         Cheers,
 >                                           norm

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