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Subject: Re: DocBook V4.0beta1

Hi Norm,

I've started parsing a bunch of our 3.0 stuff using 4.0 beta and I
hit a couple of things right away:

1.  Shouldn't AppendixInfo be optional in Appendix?

2.  I realize it's a little weird to put IndexTerms in Highlights,
    but we have a ton of them.  Would anybody mind terribly if we
    allowed them in 4.0?  Won't they be allowed in XML DocBook
    anyway because of all the things that can show up in Highlights?

I'm continuing to snoop.  Can you give me until the end of the day 
Friday before you go public?  Thanks.

Norm wrote:

 > Attached, for your approval, is DocBook V4.0beta1. If no one
 > notices anything glaringly wrong in the next few days, I'll make
 > this available to the world at large. (This is the SGML version;
 > I've also got an equivalent XML version, but it'll take longer
 > to get all the comments cleaned up.)
 > . . .
 >                                         Cheers,
 >                                           norm

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