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Subject: Re: DocBook V4.0beta1

We have a lot of material that uses Command inline like this:

    <Command>cat <Optional><Option>-v</Option></Optional>

This is now invalid, as the FU notice from 3.0 clearly implies.  I
apologize for not noticing before what a problem this is for us.

According to the FU notice, the complete list to be constrained to
%smallcptr.char.mix is Action, Command, Database, Filename, Hardware,
Interface, KeyCap, Literal, Option, Parameter, Property, and SystemItem.

Most of these seem fine.  The only one besides Command that's a problem
for us is Literal, which we use as a sort of wastebasket for legacy
stuff in a monospace font; so Options, Optionals, etc., end up inside
our Literals, too.

Is there any way we could remove Command and Literal from the list of
elements to be restricted to %smallcptr.char.mix in 4.0?

 > Attached, for your approval, is DocBook V4.0beta1. If no one
 > notices anything glaringly wrong in the next few days, I'll make
 > this available to the world at large. (This is the SGML version;
 > I've also got an equivalent XML version, but it'll take longer
 > to get all the comments cleaned up.)
 > . . . 
 >                                         Cheers,
 >                                           norm

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