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Subject: Re: DocBook V4.0beta1

/ Michael Sabrio <rms@fpk.hp.com> was heard to say:
| better.  I'm just trying to nudge 4.0 to be a little less painful for our
| legacy.

Fair enough. And not about to suggest that we make some
significant fraction of HP Unix documentation invalid :-)

|  > | Is there any way we could remove Command and Literal from the list of
|  > | elements to be restricted to %smallcptr.char.mix in 4.0?
|  > 
|  > That's one option, and it might be the best thing, but is there
|  > anything you really want other than Option and Optional? I mean,
|  > would (%smallcptr.char.mix;|option|optional)* work for you? (I
|  > have reservations about option and optional in literal, but
|  > since you've got significant legacy, I won't argue the point :-)
| I looked through the inlines, especially tech.char.class, and as
| my examples suggest, the ones that seemed most natural in Commands
| (and Literals) are Option|Optional|Filename|EnVar; but that seems
| a little arbitrary.

Yep. We should just leave it the way it is, I think. I'll put
the RFE back in for Command and Literal and we can revisit at
the next meeting.

| Thanks and Happy Holidays.

Same to you! And everyone else on the list! :-)


Norman Walsh <nwalsh@arbortext.com> | Men do not quit playing because
Principal Software Engineer         | they grow old; they grow old
Arbortext, Inc. (www.arbortext.com) | because they quit
413.256.6985 Voice/FAX              | playing.--Oliver Wendell Holmes

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