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docbook-tc message

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Subject: Re: Re-initializing this TC

Hi Eduardo,

I'll run this request by my managers.  In the meantime, I wonder if
OASIS has any guidelines for advance notice of exact meeting dates.
HP gets upset if we don't get cheap airfares for trips planned far
in advance.  Do you have the exact dates of the XTech meeting?



 > Dear members of the Docbook-TC,
 > as some of may know, Oasis is in the process of introducing new
 > process rules for technical work. This activity, conducted through
 > the Process Advisory Committee, has determined that all existing TCs
 > in Oasis must re-initialize themselves in order to comply with the 
 > Oasis bylaws.
 > This message is intended to start this activity in the Docbook-TC.
 > The process is very simple. Each of you has to read the following
 > text, and act accordingly by sending me an email message or not.
 > Once I've collected the email, I'll get in touch with the ACTC and
 > everything will be in order.
 >       ============================================================
 >       In order to ensure a sound OASIS technical committee process
 >       in accordance with the OASIS bylaws, the OASIS Board of
 >       Directors has created an Advisory Committee on Technical
 >       Committees.  Consisting of the chairs of the TCs, the ACTC
 >       is empowered to create OASIS technical committees through
 >       formal appointment of members.
 >       However, the appointment of specific members with voting
 >       rights in each TC has the procedural implication that a
 >       majority of those members must be present in meetings and
 >       phone conferences for a TC to conduct formal business, and a
 >       majority of the appointed members is required for decisions
 >       made by mail vote.  Thus, it is necessary to distinguish
 >       between the participants in each TC who can actually commit
 >       to attending meetings and phone conferences and members who
 >       wish only to track the progress of the TC and participate in
 >       mail discussions.  For this procedural reason, only OASIS
 >       members who can actually attend meetings can be appointed
 >       voting members of a TC.
 >       Please note that this formal distinction does not change the
 >       current composition of this mail list.  The primary
 >       difference is that a subset of this list will now be able to
 >       pass formal resolutions on behalf of the group in accordance
 >       with the OASIS bylaws.
 >       In order to be considered for designation as a voting member
 >       of this TC, you need to read the following description of
 >       our estimated schedule and deliverables and then decide
 >       whether to respond with a request to be formally appointed.
 >       Please have your response, if any, back to me by Feb 14, 2000.  I
 >       will submit a list of nominees to the ACTC shortly
 >       thereafter.
 >          Eduardo Gutentag
 >          Sun Microsystems Inc.
 >          eduardo@eng.sun.com
 >          (650) 786-5498
 >       The OASIS Docbook Technical Committee exists to
 >       maintain and improve the DocBook DTD, create and maintain an
 >       XML version thereof, and create and maintain a schema version
 >       thereof.
 >       Eduardo Gutentag is/are chair of the TC.
 >       The proposed deliverables of the TC are as follows:
 >          DocBook 4.0
 >          DocBook 5.0
 >          DocBook as XML
 >          DocBook as Schema
 >       Over the next year, the TC is expected to meet at 
 >       XTech, San Jose, February 27-March 2; XML'00, Paris, 12-16 June, 
 >       XML'00, December, exact date and location not yet known. All
 >       meetings are expected not to exceed two full days.
 >       Upon reinitialization, the TC will consist of a set of
 >       voting members and a set of non-voting observers.  The
 >       voting members will be those who have been appointed by the
 >       ACTC from among persons nominating themselves in response to
 >       this call.  Note that voting members must be able to promise
 >       attendance at meetings in order to meet quorum requirements.
 >       Therefore, OASIS members wishing to track and comment upon
 >       the work of the TC in the mailing list but not to attend its
 >       meetings regularly should simply remain on this mailing list
 >       but not apply for voting membership.
 >       Members of this list willing to commit to voting
 >       participation in the OASIS DocBook Technical Committee are
 >       hereby requested to respond to this list no later than
 >       February 14, 2000 with the following statement:
 >          I agree with the purpose of the DocBook TC as stated
 >          above.
 >          I understand that OASIS technical committees regularly
 >          meet in person or by phone and that participation in the
 >          DocBook TC will require me to attend most of its meetings.
 >          Based on the estimated meeting schedule given above, I
 >          certify that I have the means and the interest to attend
 >          such meetings and that I intend to do so.
 >          I understand that the TC cannot transact business in the
 >          absence of a quorum or take action by mail ballot without
 >          the active participation of its members and that
 >          therefore failure to attend meetings and vote in mail
 >          ballots will result in my removal from the committee.  I
 >          promise to submit a letter of resignation to the chair or
 >          chairs of the committee if in the future I find myself
 >          unable to participate actively in its work.
 >          [name]
 >          [affiliation]
 >          [email address]
 >          [phone number]
 >       ============================================================
 > Thank you,
 > Please don't forget that the deadline is February 14, 2000
 > Eduardo

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