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Subject: Re: New list: docbook-formatting?

Sounds OK to me.

Michael Sabrio

 > Folks,
 > We've talked about this before, and resisted in order to avoid
 > fragmenting the list, but following the recent deluge of mail on
 > the DocBook list, I think it's time we split DocBook formatting
 > and stylesheet issues into a separate list.  What do you guys
 > think?
 > I propose 'docbook-formatting', but I'm not wedded to the name.
 >                                         Cheers,
 >                                           norm
 > -- 
 > Norman Walsh <nwalsh@arbortext.com> | It is a folly to expect men to do
 > Principal Software Engineer         | all that they may reasonably be
 > Arbortext, Inc. (www.arbortext.com) | expected to do.--Archbishop
 > 413.256.6985 Voice/FAX              | Whately

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