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Subject: Re: New list: docbook-formatting?

| > I propose 'docbook-formatting', but I'm not wedded to the name.
| I don't care what the name is, I'm developing tendonitis just from
| click/delete, click/delete, click/delete...;-) Seriously, great idea.


I know that the webmasters are busy and have a bunch of stuff in
the queue, but could you please add 'create docbook-formatting
mailing list' to that queue? :-) It should be a moderated list
similar to docbook.


Norman Walsh <nwalsh@arbortext.com> | Whoever is abandoned by hope has
Principal Software Engineer         | also been abandoned by fear; this
Arbortext, Inc. (www.arbortext.com) | is the meaning of the word
413.256.6985 Voice/FAX              | "desperate."--Schopenhauer

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