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Subject: Re: Docbook meeting at X-Tech

Tony Graham wrote:
> At 28 Jan 2000 11:18 -0800, Eduardo Gutentag wrote:
>  > The Docbook meeting at X-Tech is set for:
>  >
>  > Wednesday 3/1 all day
>  > Thursday  3/2 morning
>  >
>  > The meetings will be at the Hilton hotel, room to
>  > be announced.
> Is there an agenda?

No, the agenda has not been set yet; given the problems caused by
past announcements at the last minute, I thought it would be convenient
this time to set up and announce the dates as soon as possible, and
deal with the agenda later.

> Why does OASIS schedule its meetings to conflict with the conference?

This is not OASIS's fault; the scheduling has been done at the
requests of the chairs of the various TCs, who much prefer to travel
to one place than to have to travel to three or four places if they
are active in more than one TC. I believe participants other than
chairs share in this preference too, as well as the desire not to have
to travel somewhere for two weeks instead of one. I thought the arrangement
worked quite well in Philadelphia. (It certainly worked fine for me ;-)

> Regards,
> Tony Graham
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