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Subject: Re: Wordsmithing the official vote

| > I was wrong, Norm is asking about what to do about the Board.
| > I think what you want to say is "request that the Board put it
| > to a vote of the members for approval as an OASIS Standard."
| But that's exactly my point. Is OASIS *currently* issuing standards?
| Wouldn't it be more appropriate to say "submit to the Board for
| proper disposition"?

Given certain recent experiences with completely different bodies,
I think that would result in no disposition whatsoever.  We can
ask for it to be made a Technical Resolution, like


but nothing in the bylaws either countenances TRs or prohibits
Standards, so why not go for it? 

Actually, what's being done with the output of the now-closed
Tables TC?  That should probably be our guide.  I see nothing
in the OASIS library.  The old SGML version was a TR.

regards, Terry

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