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Subject: New RFEs

FYI, I've recently posted some new RFEs.

119 Add support for DOI in meta 
120 Add macro element for marking up macros in programming languages 
121 Add markup for signals 
122 Add markup for troubleshooting 
123 Add markup to support specifications 
124 Add markup for hostnames and other host identifiers 
125 Add markup for usernames 
126 Allow SimpleSect in Section 

                                        Be seeing you,

Norman Walsh <nwalsh@arbortext.com> | The shortness of life can neither
Principal Software Engineer         | dissuade us from its pleasures,
Arbortext, Inc. (www.arbortext.com) | nor console us for its
413.256.6985 Voice/FAX              | pains.--Vauvenargues

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